Kate’s Update 08/19

Hey everyone!

Consider this my first official blog update.  It’s a Sunday and I’m home alone, slaving away on Worth the Wait, Daddy Jack and Callum’s story.  I need food though, so I’m making myself some garlic bread because I am a huge carb loader and figured instead of diving into a fresh chapter, I’d key out a quick update about what’s going on in my Katelandia.

First, like I said, I’m working on Jack and Callum’s story.  Initially, I’d hoped to have this to everyone by late September but it’s looking more like October now. I’m hopeful I can deliver this into your hot little hands before I leave for GRL (10/16).

Next, I was chatting with some author friends a few days ago and was smacked in the face with an idea for what comes AFTER the Giving Consent books. It’s rare for me to think that far ahead, but these guys are already yammering at me and desperate for attention.  Sadly, they’re going to have to wait.  There are TWO more stories *after* Jack and Callum coming your way in the world of Rapture.

In a perfect world, you’ll also be seeing Book Three before the end of 2018, with the final book coming out sometime early 2019… but the best laid plans and such.  I figured I could at least let you know that’s my time frame, and that’s what I’m working towards.

I hope everyone is excited to learn more about all the men of Rapture because I know I’m excited!  Discovering and writing their stories is a huge privilege. I’m going to make an effort to update the blog, but as always, the best place to find me is my facebook group, Hawthorne’s Harem.

Happy Reading!