Worth the Switch – available now!

A short story for 99 cents or free with KU. Meet Landon, Jack, and Verity their freshman year at Columbia in Worth the Switch. Available now on Amazon – click here

Landon Miller is in his first year of college, missing his ex-boyfriend and struggling through more than just calculus. He finds the guidance he needs in the form of his roommate, Verity, and his classmate, Jack.

Verity Jones is far from home and living their best life. Missing their brother, but in a place where they are able to embrace who they are, Verity lives boldly and unapologetically, and may be only person who is able to give Landon what he has been missing.

Jack Martin agrees to tutor Landon in calculus, and quickly finds himself swept up into his life. After being dragged out to a club one night by Landon’s nonbinary roommate, Verity, the three of them make decisions that will switch the course of their lives forever.

Worth the Switch is an 10,000 word short story that introduces us to the main characters of the Giving Consent Series. It is not required reading, but it sure is fun.