Worth the Chance

WTC-eBook-CoverWorth the Chance, Giving Consent #4
Release – January 24, 2019

Verity Jones has always been true to themself; even when it meant coming out as nonbinary at a young age and losing the love of their friends and parents. Years later, Verity is ensnared in a complicated, consuming, but purely platonic relationship with their best friend Landon. When Landon’s high-school sweetheart re-enters the picture, Verity finds themself alone for the first time since college.

Content with the status quo, Aaron Hoffman finds his tight-knit circle of friends shaken up when Gregory introduces him to Landon, and Landon’s roommate and business partner, Verity. From the first time they speak, Aaron is fascinated by the elusive, rose-scented person behind the bar at Rapture. Determined to know them better, Aaron focuses his attention on convincing Verity he’s worth their time.

Aaron’s steadfastness and patience offer Verity the stability they’re looking for, giving them both a place to explore new facets to the dynamic lifestyle they’d lived in the past. After a surprising holiday back home in Missouri, Verity realizes the person they’re meant to be isn’t who they thought they were. Venturing into the unknown is daunting, but to find love, Verity and Aaron will need to take the chance.