Giving Consent

Cloistered within the sturdy brick walls of a once abandoned church, you can come after sunset to find Rapture–a place to congregate, socialize, and play. Whether on the dance floor, or in a private room, you can partake in the pleasure and pain of self-discovery, and the only requirement is mutual consent.


Worth the Switch

Meet Landon, Jack, Verity, Bowie, and Joseph their first year of college. An 11k word short story.

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Worth the Risk

Landon and Gregory

+ second chance romance

+ BDSM, wax, breath play, bondage, exhibitionism

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Worth the Wait

Jack and Callum

+ Daddy Jack!

+ online & long distance relationship

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Worth the Fight

Keith, Justin, and Micah

+ Existing couple plus one

+ BDSM (emphasis on SM)

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Worth the Chance

Verity and Aaron

+Nonbinary switch MC

+Bacon sex

+Sensual submission

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